7 miles






37.90146, -78.98526

Trail Notes:

From the parking area the trail will head up a clearing, south along the A.T. Do not cross the road and begin the trail that way, because that will send you heading northbound along the A.T.
Mile 0.8 reach the first overlook on the right hand side. Keep your eyes peeled for an unmarked spur trail with rocks that lead to this overlook. Continue on the trail for another 0.8 miles.
Mile 1.6 Reach the information kiosk and shelter. There is a privy located at this shelter for hiker’s convenience. Continue along the trail for 1.5 miles.
Mile 3.0 Come across a small stream that runs through the trail. Continue on for another half of a mile to the overlook.
Mile 3.5 Arrive at the vista and enjoy the views from the overlook. Return trip: retrace your steps back down the mountain and to the parking area *check out other hiking sites to turn this hike a 14 mile loop covering all three ridges

Personal Recommendations:

This trail is a 14 mile loop but personally, I think the first overlook at 3.5 miles is the best and it's good enough to go ahead and turn around at the point. This hike really isn't that challenging compared to some of the shorter ones that tend to be steeper. It's not a very popular day hike, so you'll probably only run into backpackers along the way.

For more information check out these links from expert hikers.

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Quick Facts:

  • Camping: Yes
  • Sunrise: No
  • Sunset: Yes
  • Water source: Yes
  • On the A.T.: Yes
  • Parking Lot Size: Medium

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