3 miles






37.84191, -79.13126

Trail Notes:

Park in the parking area behind the fish hatchery. Cross the road from the parking area and head towards the yellow road barriers and up the road. There will be houses on the right hand side, stay on the road it will turn into a trail soon. This gravel road is steep so brace yourself.
Mile 0.5 reach a gate where the trail begins, you see some driveways keep left and don’t turn down them
Mile 1.0 reach the A.T. intersection where the trail breaks off into about 4 different directions. Take the sharp left up Spy Rock trail.
Mile 1.5 reach the top, pass the flat campsites and climb up to the top of the rock where there is nice 360 degree views
Follow the trail back down to the parking area

Personal Recommendations:

This is my go-to hike if anyone asks for a recommendation. There is something about the summit that no other hike offers, which is complete 360 degree views of the surronding towns and mountains. The top has really nice campsites, meaning yes you have to lug all of your stuff to the top to set up camp. Catching the sunset, stargazing, and sunrise on the rock is unlike anyhting else though.

For more information check out these links from expert hikers.

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Quick Facts:

  • Camping: Yes
  • Sunrise: Yes
  • Sunset: Yes
  • Water source: No
  • On the A.T.: No
  • Parking Lot Size: Large

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