8.3 miles






37.38010, -80.08956

Trail Notes:

From the right side of the A.T. parking area, cross over VA311 and pick up the white blazed A.T. north.
Mile 0.3 there will be an information kiosk on the left, continue on an cross 4 wooden walkways throughout the next 0.8 miles
Mile 1.1 reach the Johns Spring Shelter, continue on and cross another 5 walkways for the next 1.4 miles
Mile 2.5 Catawba mountain shelter (water source from spring less than 0.1 miles back)
Mile 2.6 bear left as you reach campsites on the right
Mile 3.3 Come across a clearing of high voltage power lines
Mile 3.6 Reach the first overlook on the left of the Catawba Valley
Mile 4.1 Just before reaching the top you will come across a fork in the trail, bear left and continue a few hundred yards to the summit
On the return trip you can shorten the hike by 0.5 miles.
In 1.4 miles from the Knob turn right onto a fire road which runs just above the trail itself. This road will take you back to VA 311. The parking lot will be on your lefthand side. You can also retrace your steps along the trail if you do not wish to walk along the fire road.

Personal Recommendations:

The most important thing to do before you hike this is to plan the perfect picture you are going to take. This is the most photographed spot on the A.T. Thinking of something unique to do on the knob may be difficult be well worth it!

For more information check out these links from expert hikers.

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Quick Facts:

  • Camping: Yes
  • Sunrise: Yes
  • Sunset: Yes
  • Water source: Yes
  • On the A.T.: Yes
  • Parking Lot Size: Large

Be sure to add hashtags to your own photos to bring awarenes to other hikes!

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