3+ miles






37.57119, -79.49190

Trail Notes:

From the parking area cross the footbridge over the east fork of Elk Creek on the blue blazed Belfast Trail.
Stay on the blue blazed trail (do not get lost by veering off toward the orange blazed trail) for 1.5 miles crossing 2 streams.
Mile 1.5 Arrive at the boulder field and climb as high up as you wish. Return down the boulders or take the side trail on the right hand side (if you’re facing the boulders).
Retrace your steps back to the parking area

Personal Recommendations:

Clear your schedule and make this hike an all day event. This will definitely be your workout for the day. Bring plenty of food and water and prepare to have a lot of fun on this hike. This is the most unique and entertaining hike in Central, VA. The boulder yard is a giant jungle gym to climb on. Fun for all ages, expect this to be a crowded hike. Don't worry the boulder yard is plenty big enough to spread out and feel secluded. There really isn't a summit to this hike, the view can be seen the entire climb on the boulder face. In fact, the higher you go, the more your view will be obstructed so don't be afraid to turn around at anytime.

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Quick Facts:

  • Camping: Yes
  • Sunrise: No
  • Sunset: Yes
  • Water source: Yes
  • On the A.T.: No
  • Parking Lot Size: Medium (parking all along the side of the road near the trailhead)

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