3 miles






37.85144, -79.07922

Trail Notes:

From the parking lot head left towards the paved trail, pretty hard to miss. This will start you at the base of the falls.
Continue on the trail for about 1.5 miles
This hike will feature many mile markers to remind how for you've gone and have left to go
It will also have plenty of overlooks for you to capture pictures
Once you see the wooden bridge, and cross it you've made it to the summit and can enjoy the nice seating and view at the top.

Personal Recommendations:

Be smart when you're hiking this. It can be a somber hike as you stare at the roaring falls knowing people have fallen to their deaths. With that in mind, stay on the trail and never enter the water. If you pay attention to the signs you're in for a very pleasant hike. There are plenty of stairs and switchbacks but there's also so many places to stop and enjoy the view of the falls that you'll still really enjoy this hike. The top is perfect for a picnic lunch as there is plenty of seating!

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Quick Facts:

  • Camping: Yes
  • Sunrise: No
  • Sunset: No
  • Water source: Yes
  • On the A.T.: No
  • Parking Lot Size: Large

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