8 miles






37.39086, -79.90620

Trail Notes:

Cross the road to the guard rail and continue 0.2 miles on the unmarked trail until you reach the A.T. Intersection.
Mile 1.1 – RATC Information Kiosk. From this point it becomes steeper and the trail more rocky.
Mile 1.9 – Cross under a high voltage power line, and you'll cross this once again on the ridge. There are a few switchbacks prior to reaching the ridge at the 1.9 mile mark, passing under another high voltage power line.
Mile 4.0 – Over the next 0.8 miles we marked 3 (there are others) really good overlooks with views to the west of McAfee Knob before finally reaching Hay Rock. There is a little bit of a climb to get to the best view on Hay Rock accessed via the crevice near the north side. Please be careful as it is steep to get to the top.
Enjoy your time here then retrace your steps back to the parking area on Route US220

Personal Recommendations:

There isn't much information on this hike but that shouldn't stop you from doing it. I will warn you that there really is no summit to this hike. As you begin to reach the top of the mountain you'll notice a rock with an overlook. This is hay rock, it is not the summit. The view is still pretty obstructed but it's an amazing place to take pictures before hiking back down. So just note that you won't feel like you made it to the top of the mountain but you made it to the most important part.

For more information check out these links from expert hikers.

Hiking Upward

Quick Facts:

  • Camping: No
  • Sunrise: No
  • Sunset: No
  • Water source: Yes
  • On the A.T.: Yes
  • Parking Lot Size: Large

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